Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Food Basket

What a wonderful ministry I am a part of. God has helped so many in our small community. This ministry is a fairly new ministry in our church. God has really shown thru with all of the donations that we have received. 

The Food Basket is open once a month and we give out bags that have been pre selected and put together usually the week before. We have them all fill a sheet out to let us know how many people are in there families so we know how much to give them. We are only there to show Jesus love and His love is so wonderful! 

Today we had 200 bags made up to give out and when I left we had served 90 families we had enough bags to give 10 more families. Some one had donated 48 turkey's also for the holidays what a blessing. 

Below is a picture of some of the bags we gave out today. I love being apart of this ministry. 

God Bless,

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