Friday, January 13, 2012

organizing my sewing room


I do have to say these pictures are kind of embarrassing because of the state that my sewing was in. I did this to myself I guess. When ever I we would have to find a place for something that I was at a loss of where to put it I would say go put it in my room. So it got filled up pretty darn fast. As you can see we tried to make the room fun looking by putting fun colored paper on the wall because this room is un finished I needed some color.


Scary huh?



So I had to clear out everything and give everything a home or got rid of it.


I moved my work table to under the window for better light. As you can tell the walls are still not finished. That will come this spring because we have a big project of making one very big room into 2 rooms so we will have all that stuff out and going so we will just do it then.


I hung my thread on the wall and in the plastic shelf thing is all the things I have done and for sale on my etsy store. The drawer things have all the attachments for things like my snap press and sewing machines. Also needles and other sewing notions.


Here is the wall that had my table before. I put my shelf with glass jars that have buttons, snaps, elastic and much more in them. On top of the shelf I have my box of ribbons and some of my pretty fat quarters. We will be adding a large shelf around the 2 walls. The walls have a self but they are very skinny I want something larger.


This table is for cutting and such. It also has my vinyl cutter and the drawers have things that I need for the cutter also tools for cutting. on the selves above is my fabrics and vinyl rolls and on the top shelf which you cant see hold my scrap booking stuff. I also hung my rotary cutter rulers on the wall to get them out of the way. The boxes on the 2nd shelf hold un finished quilts. Man one day I will get to them.

This room is not even close to being done but it is a good start. I have so many ideas for it. Different shelves, curtains, flooring, walls and so much more!

I hope this helps you get the bug I have right now is to get everything organized in my house.

God Bless,


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