Thursday, December 15, 2011

So sad……..

I am sad to announce as of last month we sent 2 of our kiddos to public school. Miss Kit~Kat was really wanting to go. She not only wanted to be around her friends but she would tell us over and over that she wanted to witness for Christ there too. I did not want to send her well there were days when life would be easier for me to have my kids in public school but God has called me to be their teacher. So we enrolled her and through discussions at home decided to let the others choose if they would like to go to public school for the rest of the year. Mr. Tootsie Roll said he wanted to go and Butterfinger was just not sure if he wanted to go. I told them they could come back home if they felt like they needed to be back.

So off we went to enroll everyone and well God spoke to us loud and clear about not wanting Butterfinger to go because they school in our neighborhood was full and there was no room for him in the class so they would have to bus him to another school in town. Well we were not going to have that so we said we would keep him home and if there was an opening to let us know. There is an opening and he does not want to go at all to public school. I am so happy!! But for Tootsie Roll I thought he would had had enough of going to public school by now and want to come home. But he wants to stay there I think it is because it is easy for him there. He has already learned all of the curriculum they are teaching for 1st grade. I could of put him in 2nd but he is a little young for 2nd grade. So I think he is just enjoying his play time with the other kids.

So yesterday in his back pack we received a letter from the school informing us that the school did not make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for the 2nd year in a row. So not only did we send him to public school now they are not doing well enough in the school that the school is now labeled “In need of improvement:”  Makes me feel great that we sent him to public school . I even hate saying the words public school!!

So I ask all of you for prayer for my son and daughter in public school that they will be safe in their hearts and minds and will also learn what they need to learn.

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