Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have decided to add a special day to my blog and it will be called Web-Wednesday. I get it from a blog I used to write for. My day of the week I wrote for them was Wednesday and this is what it was called too. So each Wednesday I will have a “Web-Wednesday”. I hope you enjoy!

web wednesday

For todays first Web-Wednesday I will be linking you to my favorite homeschool blogs that I go to often!

Meet Erica,she is a Christian woman who expresses her love for the Lord and she is one of my first blogs I go to well pretty much daily. I also link you to her quit often because I use 2 of her curriculums. The Letter of the week for Pre-K and Road Trip USA for my 2nd and 5th grader. Confessions of  A Homeschooler is a great place to go.

I absolutely love the “Taffy” family. This is a family I would love to meet. She seems to be a very sweet woman who puts our Heavenly Father first and you can see that by how she writes. You can feel her true loving heart leap through the screen. My Life on a Taffy Pull is a must stop!

Homeschool Creations is a great place for so many ideas. They also have a ton of free printable!

Totally Tots is a blog that is built using many writers. There are so many great ideas for the Pre-k age group.

2 Teaching Mommies – I love stopping by here to see these ladies. They are two very real Crist loving mommies! Plus I love all their ideas and their printable. 

1+1+1=1 is just a fun loving family that homeschools and they have so much to offer there!

Lisa is God fearing wonderful Wife/Mother/Woman. I am just in awwww at all she does. Her whole family ministers to save babies from abortion. It is a family affair. I also have her as a friend on Facebook and I love seeing her status updates about her days at the abortion mills she keeps us all posted on how many saves there were that day. Her oldest daughter has started a ministry to help moms who decided not to go through with killing their babies and she helps them by giving them a baby shower to help them with the cost of all the baby stuff. What a blessing they are!! Her blog is called A 2nd Generation of Homeschooling.

Mama-Jenn is a down to earth homeschooling mom. I love popping in to see her!

I hope you are able to visit all of these wonderful blogs sometime soon! It will be so worth your time! They and many others have been such a blessing on my homeschooling adventure, I am sure they will help you with yours!

God Bless



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