Friday, September 23, 2011

Walking for school


What to do for school when it comes to exercise. My children do stay very active with activities that they sign up for but what about the time that they miss from running around the school yard during recess with the other school mates. Well what we do for our school day is we take a walk around our block before lunch. Our block is unlike most. We live on a block that is part of a park. So it is a pretty big block. Kit Kat and Butterfinger sometimes run the block while Snickers, Tootsie Roll and I walk or the little boys ride bikes and I jog. Either way we make it around. walk1 

Today Snickers was the only one who rode his bike. I just love this picture. He runs and jumps to get on his bike every time he gets on. It is so cute! What a little cutie he is. He is always so active and we all wish we had his energy.


Here I told them all to chase after Snickers and tickle him. So they all ran after him and Kit Kat got him off his bike and began to tickle him. Look at Butterfinger he is a little tuckered out from running after him. This boy better pick up his pace so he doesn’t get tackled in football this year!



Here is Butterfinger walking with me. I do love walking with them. We have such awesome conversations. After I snapped this photo he challenged me to a race. Well he won. and I had to lay on the grass for a minute to catch my breath. walk9



What an awesome big sister Kit Kat is!





walk3Stop it the name of LOVE!! Okay so I just could not resist taking this photo!


One last shot I took was a silly picture that Tootsie Roll asked if he could have taken. He is always coming up with things for me to take pictures of. I am thinking that he should get a camera for Christmas this year I may have a photographer on my hands. w wouldn’t that be fun?

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