Monday, July 11, 2011

Time to start school for 2011-2012 school year

       So the kids are not to happy with me about this. We are going to get started on Math (we are still using Math U see)and reading today. We will be doing this for a few more weeks until I receive our curriculum. We are going to do Switched on School house for Brooke and Vinny. We were going to use A Beka but Vince and I talked about this and decided this would be the best for our family. It is still a Christian program and it also helps keep records of their school. I am not the best with recording things and since Brooke is now 8th grade I need to keep her records for graduation or if we send he to school in 9th grade then I will have this ready for them. She wants to go to High School but I am not very comfortable with this. I will keep pray about this and if it is what God wants then we will do.

       Will he is doing McGraw Hill for science. I am not sure how this one will work but it’s a nice text book but it is not a Christian based one so I am going to have to be careful with this one. For Geography we are using a curriculum I for that a homeschooling Mother made it is awesome it is Us Geography/ History of each state. It is fun and hands on. I am Very excited to get this one going. Another homeschooling mom is doing the same one this school year! This is his Language arts and then his phonics is made by the same company. For reading we are using the A Beka reading books for 2nd grade. For Math he is still using Math U see We do love this math program! As for Bible I am not sure what to use yet for him.

     Croix will be doing K4 this year. Wow I cant believe he is old enough to start more of schooling this year. I know he doesn’t have to start yet but man this kid is so smart and he is also ready for it. He is very excited to get it started. He watches me getting it ready and asks me when do I get to start home school mom? over and over its just so cute! As for what curriculum he is using it comes from the same homeschool mom who made Wills history. This one is called Letter of the Week then when he gets thru part of this we will start on the K4 Curriculum ~ LOTW Expansion. All of these I have to print off but I do not want to use my ink jet printer because it cost so much for ink so I use I laser printer but it is only black and white but what I do is color it and laminate it so he can use a dry erase marker. Also you never know if I may need this for another child Smile .

    So this is what we are doing this year for school. Not sure when we will be able get started on Brooke and Vinnys curriculum but they will get started on  their math and reading until then.

     Happy Homeschooling - Jen

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