Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brooke Sewing

Brooke just started her sewing project this weekend. She is making herself a pair of pajama pants. Then she will also be working on a quilt too. Her quilt will match her decor in her room lime green, hot pink, and animal prints. She is a little nervous about the whole sewing thing because well she is an exact person if you know what I mean. Which will be good later on but it took her 2 hours to cut out the pant legs *sigh*. I just kept trying to tell her that she is doing great and don't worry its your first time. She helps me every once in a while with things but has never done one on her own. I wish I would have started her sooner but I was well I guess to lazy. Well better late then never. I just want her to be able to do these things after she leaves the house. Life skills are a very important thing to learn. I just can not believe she will be 13 in just a few short days. God has blessed us with such a wonderful, beautiful girl!!

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