Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tot School

Here are a few pictures of our Tot School. Croix just started having an interest in doing some school things. So I have just started putting a few school things together. This will be my first time starting Homeschool from the beginning. Will went to 2 months of Kindergarten and 2 years of preschool.

I have made many different things for him and am very excited to start using them. I will post them as we use them.

These 2 shots are of his area that we have done so far. I have most of his stuff in work boxes just like the bigger kids do so he still feel cool. I love my new shelf that I put together the other day. I took glass jars and use gorilla glue to glue the lids so they hang down and I can store different small items for crafts and what not. I just love them! It was super easy took about 2 hours to dry then they were ready to use. :)

Dont you just love these beads? I found them at a local antique store.

I just love this Dot a Dot paint. He can use it when ever he wants and it does not make a mess!

Theseare just some block I bought at Wal-mart for $12. They are pretty neat because they not only have letters but they also have numbers, addition, subtraction signs, picture and much more.

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