Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gods Word in Our Homeschool

I personally believe that homeschool should be based on God, this is why we do devotions everyday as part of our school. God has blessed me and Vince with this beautiful family, and as part of thanking Him is that we spend at least part of our day praising Him our Creator. I just can not imagine a day going by without being in His word. So with that in mind I want to make sure that our children get into the "habit" of being in His word everyday and searching it for answers and comfort.

As for what we do for devotion time is Brooke and Vinny both have a devotion book that they go through daily and I also read from the Bible each morning too. I just love this time. Will and Croix snuggle up with me while I read and Brooke and Vinny listen and journal during this time. This is such an important time of the day for us all to take a step back and just listen to Gods word. I just love how they all get something out of it. They either write about how it helped them or they just tell me. What a life time of hope this will bring to them if they always stay in His word.

I pray that they will always walk with Jesus in their daily lives, and grow up into God fearing wonderful people.

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