Friday, November 26, 2010


This year we went to Vince's uncle Franks house. Almost everyone came this year. It has been so nice the last few years because we are now not the only ones with kids. Croix found a buddy this year. They had a blast together they are only 2 months apart. He is non-stop talking about seeing him for Christmas. Brooke, Vinny and Will played so awesome together! I was so proud of them, we struggle with them getting along most days but they did Great! Vinny brought his skateboard and they all took turns trying to break bones ramping off many different things. Thankfully no one was hurt.

There was a lot of good food like always. We always have turkey but the biggest hit each year is the beef and noodles. I still do not know why they still make the turkey. There is always a ton leftover. It must just be the traditional thing to do. Why is it turkey?? It is not my favorite but I guess it is still good.

All in all we had a great time and can't wait to see everyone again for Christmas!! I am still kinda bummed I did not bring my camera :( I will for Christmas!

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