Saturday, February 13, 2010

We got our new books!!

Super excited we have received our books!!! I bought Exploring Creation with Botany for science. So we are going to study plants for the rest of the year and part of next year. I think it will be a blast! Then for Social Studies we got Around the world in 180 days It looks like it will be allot of fun. The only thing I am not sure I like about it is that there is not a text book for it. I thought it came with a text book but it doesn't so we have to do all the research ourselves. Which is fine it will give me a chance to teach the kids to look thinks up on line or in a book. It will be great but it is going to be a little more work then I was planning. But it will be great!


  1. I love the Exploring Creation books! We're doing flying creatures right now and I must say that this is the first science curriculum that has worked for our family. (and we love it, too!)

  2. We are loving it too!! I am so happy we picked it. It is so hard to buy something when you cannot touch and look thru it first. But I am happy with it.


Have a Blessed day.