Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The adventure starts!

So we are back at it!! The kids are so excited to be back home for school. We are loving the time we get to spend together. I am so happy all is working out great!

We have not yet set on a new curriculim but thats ok we are doing it mainly thru workbooks I have bought at Hastings book store and online sites for math and Language Arts. Then for Science and Social studies I foud a book that outlines what the kids are to be learning in the grades they are in. So I use that and then we go to the libiary for extras and also online. It is working and that is what matters. As for Bible time we are memorizing and learning songs that they are doing at church.

It has been so much fun watch the kiddos grow closer to each other. We also have a local homeschool group we are going to once a month. This month we did projects on the Stars. The little kids made these cute little things out of an empty toliet paper roll and they put black paper over it and with a push pin poked little hols in it at the shape of the big dipper. Then you looked at it up to the light and you seen the big dipper. They had a great time. The bigger kids made a constellation chart and then they watch something about them too. I am not sure what all it was because I was in with the little kids ( like normal) hehehe!!

So my goal is to get more organized so please pray for me on that one. It gets kinda messy at the table with all our stuff laid out.

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