Thursday, July 30, 2015

Natural bug repellent

We are a baseball softball kind of family. So bug spray is necessary here. We as a family are really trying to use ess and less chemicals. We have done really good on the inside of our bodies now we are working on the outside. The things like bug spray and sunblock are all that's left for us to change.

I used 3 essential oils but there are many that you could use. I will share my recipe that I used. 


4oz spray bottle
TerraSheild from doTerra 25 drops
Lavender 15 drops
Lemongrass 15 drops

In the spray bottle add the essential oils you will be using, then fill the rest up with water. I have seen and heard of using witch hazel or aloe but I want to keep it as simple as possible. 

Make sure to shake before each use. 

Now go and enjoy your chemical free bugs spay that you will feel comfortable using on your kids.

God Bless,

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