Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My crazy boys!

I have a pack of boys that are 100% boy and on occasion they like to roll around and well be boys. These are some silly shots of them being boys. If you notice Daddy is in on it too. He is just a boy in an adult body. I just love all of their facial expressions.


My crazy silly Boys!!
020Tootsie Roll taking a break


Next we have some more silly pictures of them showing off there talents.


Snickers trying to do as Butterfinger! What a bunch of silly boys!!


Tootsie Roll is showing off his talent of making a wave in his belly. It is so neat how he does it. No one else in the house can do it like him.

My boys,

I love them so much! They are so silly and crazy at times but they are also the sweetest little men in my life. If mommy is not feeling well they care for me, if mommy is going through a door they hold it for me, when mommy comes home they race to the car just to open my door so I don’t have too, if mommy needs a hug they know it and give it to me, when mommy is getting ready for the day they tell me I’m beautiful, if mommy is sleeping in they are quiet so they don’t wake me, when mommy is cooking they help me, if mommy has a pile of laundry to fold they fold it for me.

The laughter that fills my home when my boys are around is something that can never be replaced. What a blessing they are to me.

I love my boys so much!


God Bless



  1. Looks like that at my house too!

    Just the other day my 4 1/2 son said he wanted to marry me when he grew up, too cute! I love my boys too. =)

    1. My 5 year old said that to me too just like a week ago it was so sweet.


Have a Blessed day.