Friday, February 25, 2011

Pine wood derby race

homeschool 117homeschool 119

homeschool 115The tracks.

homeschool 116The car Dad and Vinny made!! It may not be fancy but man it was fast!!

homeschool 118homeschool 120

homeschool 122homeschool 123Here is just a couple of the cars that were there.

homeschool 127homeschool 128

homeschool 142Brooke was in charge of seeing who finished first.

homeschool 144

homeschool 135Croix watching the races a little close.

homeschool 136homeschool 140homeschool 129Croix taking pictureshomeschool 134homeschool 137Brooke and Kerrie (daughter I didn’t give birth to) eating cookies.homeschool 146Dad and Vinny getting last minute graphite onto the cars wheels before the first run.

homeschool 126The trophieshomeschool 125

The Awanas pine wood derby race is always a big deal in our house. Vinny and Dad worked on the car for about a month and then on the night before the big day they were doing some touch ups and ooops they broke the back end of the car off. So luckily we had another car as a spare and they had to start over from scratch. Well they finished one just in time but they were not able to get the graphite worked into the wheels and axle's as much as they did before but they were as ready as they could be. So when the races began Vinny lost his first race. We were all pretty bummed well since daddy builds races cars for real we were expected to take the field like they did last year. During the other races Vinny sat there and worked the graphite in the whole time and then it was his turn to climb back up out of the losers bracket and well, he defeated the whole room with ease!! But he was never able to run again against the one who beat him because he won ever race that he had run. So Vinny ended up with 2nd that night. Just to see who was the fastest Vinny asked the boy who beat him on the first race to go again and well Vinny blew him away!!!  We ended the night with a smile and Vinny and dad were happy with their car they built. They always have next year to try again. Life is good!

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