Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Dogs

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Here are a few pictures of our dogs. We have Flash our wiener dog and Zeus our Keeshond. They are such cute dog. I do have to say Flash is my little buddy. I am not one who gets super attached to animals but this little guy has been around for a few years and he has grown on me. Zeus is our new pup. He is about 8 months old now and well he is a fun full of energy kind of dog but he is not the best inside dog. He sheds so bad and most of all he just doesn’t act like he enjoys being inside at all. Now at night he would rather come inside so we bring him in for the night. He is such a big ball of fur. We love him too.

I am happy that we do have a few animals around now. We did have quite a time before if we were at anyone's house or out walking or riding bikes and we came upon a dog either in a fence or loose and Vinny just could not handle it. But he is now over that fear. I do believe it is because of our own dogs. He had a hard time getting use to having them around and it took him a long time to feel comfortable around them. Now he enjoys them and plays with them and he even want Flash to sleep with him at night. 

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