Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homeschool group field trip to local radio station

homeschool 160

homeschool 157Here is our group standing on and around the our a statue in front of the radio station.

homeschool 159Here is the statue that was made by a local Nebraskan for the station.

homeschool 147This is one of there many studios that that have here.

homeschool 148

homeschool 151

homeschool 149Well this room looks like a crazy mess, but this is where all of the cables come in and out of the building then in and out of each studio.We were able to look into the room but not go in it. Hmmmmm I wonder why?? Could it be because there were just a few hands that could probably mess it all up?

homeschool 150 These two were so cute just holding hands the whole time Smile

homeschool 152The older girls. They even dressed alike and they didn’t even plan ahead.

homeschool 153Croix enjoying himself!!

homeschool 156

We had a Great time on our field trip today! The kids enjoyed this trip being able to see the faces that go with the voices that are on the radio. I even learned a few things while I was there like the AM station is always live 24 hours a day 365 days a year and the FM station in mostly recorded. only a few hours a day are live. I really enjoy going on our field trips with our homeschool group. The kids have made quite a few friends there too. We are all looking forward to finding out what we will be doing next month.

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