Saturday, January 29, 2011

Computer time for Pre school

Here Croix is playing on PBS kids. They have quite a few fun learning games on here. If I really need to have a few minutes with the older kids during school time and he is just not letting me get that done this is a great site for that. He can run this site all on his own which is why I have him use this site. He just loves to play all the matching games, but his favorite is Caillou, with all of the Dino games. He wishes I would let him print off all the coloring pictures and all the things that he makes. He still has not figured out that ink is limited.

Here are a few fin free one that he likes

Dress the snow man

Count Base balls

Dino count

Preschool learning online

fun school

Sesame street

Zoodles I absolutely love this site. you can set up a free account or pay a small fee. You can have yourself or family members record story book reading on here and then your child can listen to them whenever they want to here them. I just love this!!

KOL jr


Online games can be so much fun for preschoolers, but be aware that getting them to stop can be a challenge! Set up time limits for computer play, using a timer to help your preschooler understand when time is up. Give helpful countdown reminders to let him know how much time is remaining so he can prepare to finish a game. With limited exposure to online games, you'll find your child is exploring and learning in a unique way.

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